Ultimate 2024 Packing Guide for Paraty, Rio de Janeiro

Ultimate 2024 Packing Guide for Paraty, Rio de Janeiro
Lula beach, Paraty

Paraty is likely to be a several-day or weekend stop in your trip to Brazil. Its a small town, and while there is a diversity of things to do, from walking in the historic downtown to taking a boat tour to the secluded beaches along the coast, I wouldn't recommend spending more than four days in Paraty.

Given this, as well as the specific nature of the activities you'll likely be doing in Paraty, there are some specific items I would recommend packing in addition to your typical beachwear or tropical city clothing.

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  1. Multipurpose sandals: If you're packing light, having footwear that can be used for both casual, sporty and dressier outfits is a great space saver. For this I love the Teva Voyas which can get wet, have decent arch support and can be styled nicely for a dinner out.
  2. Lightweight rain jacket: The coastal areas of the state of Rio de Janeiro sees a lot of intermittent rain, especially in the summer months (winter for those in the northern hemisphere). I would highly recommend having a lightweight rain jacket like this Nike rain jacket which packs down very small and offers enough water resistance to keep you dry if there's a light shower while you're walking around.
  3. Nice evening/ dinner clothing: There are a range of restaurant options in downtown Paraty, so whether you are looking for something very casual or relatively fancy, there will be a few places to choose from. My recommendation would be to bring at least enough nice options that you can mix and match to have something to wear to dinner or drinks each night you stay.
  4. Turkish towel: I highly recommend a Turkish beach towel for any trip to the beach. They are much more packable than a traditional beach towel, can be used as a blanket on your flight
  5. Waterproof backpack: Since my wife and I visited Costa Rica last year, a waterproof backpack has become a travel essential for me when there's any adventuring happening. Paraty is a very popular spot for half-day boat tours to small beaches and islands along the coastline that are inaccessible by car, and a waterproof backpack is great to protect your things on the boat and beach. I have a COR Surf waterproof backpack which fits quite a lot and I used as my carry on (overhead bin when full) bag.
My waterproof backpack on board the boat we took to visit beaches in Paraty

These items are in addition to your basic wardrobe and travel essentials. This area of Brazil is relatively warm year round, though it does cool off in the evenings so a good mix of shorts and warm weather clothing with a pair of long pants and a light jacket is suitable.

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